Central Tramway is offering some of our learning resources for free during this challenging time. Click the link to download your free model funicular plus more fun resources to learn all about the Tramway.

Share a photo or video of your finished model with us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram before 5pm on the 8th of May.

The prize is a copy of our children's story book, Tom and the Tram and our history of Central Tramway book.

At Central Tramway our priority is the safety of our passengers, but we are also committed to educating children about the history and engineering of the Tramway in Scarborough. Therefore we are endeavouring to work with local schools on visits to learn more about this part of the town's heritage.

For visiting school parties we are able to offer a short talk on the history of the Tramway and an explanation of how the Tram works. New for 2019 is our colourful new resource pack for schools. This includes curriculum specific resources covering maths, english, history, science, geography, art and DT. The pack is free to download and is included in the price of your visit.

Each class will also be given a poster of how the Tramway works and we offer each child a free postcard as a memento of their trip.

If you are interested in visiting the Tramway as part of your school visit to Scarborough we would kindly ask that you contact us in advance so we can make the necessary practical measures to prepare for your trip. Please email us directly at: for more information and to arrange your visit.

Our Tram characters will help your children learn more about how the Tramway works,
 and have fun on their visit.

In the meantime if you have recently visited the Tramway or will be visiting soon you are welcome to download our activity page for children and the certificate to say you have ridden on the Tramway.