Tom and the Tram

Read the story of one little boy's big adventure on the Central Tramway. 
Available to buy at the top station and from Amazon

When Tom is poorly he is sent to stay with Granny and Grandad at the seaside. But Tom feels sad and lost in a big, grown up world. However, Grandad knows just the thing to cheer him up; a special place he visited when he was a little boy. 

As a ride on the tram works it's magic, Tom slowly starts to see things differently. A story of bravery and perspective, for grown-ups and children alike. 

Tom and the Tram is created by three Sheffield Mums and is inspired by the Heritage Tramway in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. 

Intended for children aged 3-5, this is the perfect souvenir of your family holiday to Scarborough.