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Creativity Unwrapped 2023.

This year we were proud to be part of Heritage Open Days 2023 Creativity Unwrapped. We thoroughly enjoy hosting yearly tours with visitors from near and far who come to see the hidden side of Central Tramway.

Cliff Railways were one of the great astounding inventions of Victorian times.

Scarborough was the first British resort to make use of these fantastic funicular railways to transport visitors up and down its steep cliffs. Five opened on the North and South Bays between 1873 and 1930.

Heritage Open Days offer a unique opportunity to visit behind the scenes at Central Tramway, one of the last 2 remaining in Scarborough today.

The tours will take you underneath the top station to the engine room, an area usually closed to the public. You will discover the marvellous machinery and exciting engineering that still work hard today to carry almost half a million visitors every year. 

 ''Thank you for our visit as part of Heritage Open days. I consider it to have been the highlight of the visits  we made to this year's offerings. You were all so welcoming and knowledgeable and helpful. Please thank everyone involved. We had travelled quite a distance to attend and all felt it was very much worth the trip''

-Sue Craven

 ''Just wanted to thank you for an excellent behind the scenes tour. It was very informative and enjoyable. We attended on Monday the 11th.

Keep up the good work, great facts, and it was excellent having information and the actual trams and workings there to see as things were pointed out.''

 - Mark & Gill

 ''The open day was fantastic, you were all super friendly, the information provided was great and the engine room very interesting''

 - Ann Colley


Unable to visit in person this year? You can enjoy recordings of previous talks on our History page.

You can also download or stream a free funicular audio tour of the South Bay via the Izi.Travel app or on the Izi.Travel website. This is free to download to your smart phone and can be enjoyed at any time.


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